You need to connect your GoToConnect account just one time with LawGro MagicTime. Once it is connected, LawGro MagicTime will continue to get details of all your SMS and calls made using GoToConnect to LawGro MagicTime so that you can file it either automatically or manually to your billing system.

Steps to connect GoToConnect

1. Login to your LawGro MagicTime account

2. Click on Integrations

3. On the integrations page, select GoToConnect from the list of integrations.

4. Click connect button & Login to your GoToConnect account

Once connected, you shall see the following success page.

Thats it!!! Your GoToConnect account is now connected with LawGro MagicTime and you shall see all your call and SMS records in MagicTime.

You can set rules to file time automatically or file time manually to your legal billing system.

About LawGro:
LawGro MagicTime helps lawyers build their daily/ weekly timesheets automatically in the background and files it in your legal CRM like Clio, PracticePanther, RocketMatter, etc. It captures every billable minute accurately & automatically using AI so that you can file your timesheet in just a few clicks helping lawyers to increase the billable time.